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Poster: HipGerm Date: May 4, 2004 12:42pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Foreigners Must Go, but You are already gone

Oh Jack...

I really wanted to ignore your posts and refrain from posting a review to your movie Phoenix: Up from the Ashes, but now I am compelled to throw back a couple of remarks to this.

First off your view on foreigners is total B.S. to the fullest and is one reason why political leaders are leading this world into decadence.

If your opinion about foreigners persists your Phoenix will not only consume itself in fire but the entire world, and NO ONE will rise from the ashes.

Ingorance completley consumes your opinions about foreigners. Your lot of people are extrememly lucky that Native Americans didn't have the same opinions as you do. (but Native Americans is not a subject to talk about because I already hear your typical reply to the above statement and besides this is our country, this region of the world NEVER belonged to Native Americans and therefore we could NEVER be foreigners...which is why you spelled Native Americans with a lower case N...)

Weak-minded individuals are those who think Others always have to do the assimilating. YOU know nothing about life in the lands of Africa, India and of the Middle East nor will you ever if your ingorance continues to plague your body, mind and soul - and therefore you know nothing about REAL life in general, and that makes you a coward. To group whole people into a particular construct and know who and what they are is weak, and that makes you a coward.

You speak of values, yet you value only your own thoughts, beliefs and culture and that nullifies any legitmacy to your values.

Now coward is a strong word, and some take it to be an insult. But Mr. Grimes, don't be offended, thats not what I have intended. Once you have mended your tunnel vision, and revitalize your eyes and use the peripheral vision, your world will open itself up to infinite beauty.

We could even be friends. Or if you like, we could share with each other the tremendous amount of intellectual knowledge that we have accumulated over the years.

Of course we could also befriend those who own gas stations and if lo and behold one is Arab maybe we could talk to them about their history and question them as to why they are in America. To seek a better life? Well does the fascist Jack Grimes deny the right for people to seek a better life.

(And Mr. Grimes, Americans can find THOSE kind of jobs at gas stations or "second rate motels," but Americans are also looking for a Better life.)

Does Jack Grimes care about other people's history and how that history has affected their personality?

Does Jack Grimes understand the who, what, where, why and how of the history in Africa, India and the Middle East?

Does Jack Grimes know why freedom is maintained in America and why there is no justice in the areas mentioned above?

Does Jack Grimes understand that everything in this world is interconnected and the history, culture, religion, beleifs, technology, pollution, and etc, of one country affects another and another...?

Does Jack Grimes care?

Does Jack Grimes understand?

On behalf of the Neo-Renaissance movement I am compelled to tell all Americans not to vote for Jack Grimes and to kick him and the rest of his lot who share his views, out of the country unless they change their views...

Now does that sound very nice Mr. Grimes?

You are a foreigner in your own country, your own body, mind and soul...

Please Mr. Grimes come back to us ...

who are we? ... oh ... we are REALITY

~ Stefan

Don't forget your history
Know your destiny
In the abundance of water
The fool is thirsty
~Bob Marley - Rat Race

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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: May 7, 2004 2:32am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Foreigners Must Go, but You are already gone

Dear Stefan:
You say the United Fascist Union's views on foreign immigration are EXTREME. So be it then. EXTREMISM IN DEFENSE OF AMERICANS IS NO VICE!